Sunday, November 28, 2010

About Me

Accountant by day, seamstress by night....interesting combo, right? I guess you could say my night job allows me to use my creative side since Accounting is oh so exciting! I started sewing a few years ago and fell in love with it! Thanks to my wonderful family and friends with their unwavering support, I decided to see where I could take this little hobby of mine. I hope each person that checks out my blog finds it useful and who knows... maybe it will motivate you to take the plunge to redecorate! Enjoy!


Beth from Auburn says,

MaryMade is amazing. Mary listened to all of my ideas and translated them into "sewing language". She told me exactly how much fabric to buy, how to make certain ideas work better, and she's extremely affordable. You get WAY more than you pay for...she's a hidden treasure for sure. I fell very lucky to have found her blog. My daughter's room is just the way I imagined and Mary made it all! I will use her again for my sewing project!

Bonnie from Montgomery says,

"Mary Causey with MaryMade has done several projects for me in my home. She has sewn gorgeous curtains for my breakfast room and living room. She created breathtaking curtains for my daughter’s nursery and also made a matching pillow. My mother has also used MaryMade for projects in her home, and she was thrilled with the results as well!"

"Mary pays excellent attention to detail, and she has consistent results. She is also able to work hard and under pressure with deadlines. Accuracy is essential to Mary and she also uses initiative to think outside the box! This is especially great for people like me because I can’t always make up my mind on things. Mary is very good at taking instruction, and she is not afraid to ask questions to be sure she understands what you want. Mary displays great professionalism, great attitude, and work ethic. She is so much fun to work with, and I will certainly use her for years and years to come!"

Laura from Montgomery says,

"Mary’s accounting skills definitely shine through in her sewing creations. Her measurements are very precise, her work is impeccable, and her projects are completed in a timely fashion. She has gone above and beyond to help us personalize our master bedroom. She supplied ample suggestions for bed skirt styles, ideas for window treatments, etc. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!! She is such a joy to work with. I will definitely use her again for all of my future decorating projects. I can’t wait for her to transform the rest of our home."

Janel from Fairhope says,

"I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase from Mary!! She is so talented!! I will definitely be doing business with her again!! I can not express to you how GORGEOUS my valance is...I LOVE IT and so does everyone else who sees it!!!!"

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