Monday, January 31, 2011

One of many dreams to come true

Ever since my organization infatuation came to be, I have wanted a closet organization system of my very own. Well, now thanks to my wonderful parents - mom who is queen of organization, I now have one of these amazing closet systems of my very own! For the time being, this closet functions as a home office/sewing supply/scrapbooking/clothes closet, but here is to dreaming of what it could be used for one day...

Forewarning...on a more serious note...In an effort to keep some things personal, but to explain why I am about to write the following, I must explain a little about my family's current situation. My mom's health is for the time being not what it once was two months ago and because of this, I have taken a short leave from my job. I am so thankful for FMLA benefits and will be forever grateful for the time I have had just me and mom. During this time, I have experienced the love and compasssion of others so deeply that I am drawn to look within and ask myself how am I showing compassion to someone else today? How am I loving unconditionally? How am I giving myself in a way so selfless that my God would say well done, good and faithful servant? For example, one of my mom's friends was so concerned about my mom's nutrition that she spent who knows how many hours making my mom "adult baby food". Her theory was that if we could get nutritious food down to it's most simple form, that maybe the digestive system would accept it willingly. Bingo! It worked! Another example, mom wanted to get her hair done....ladies, you know how much better you feel when "you get your hair did" the lady that does mom's hair not only took her day off to do mom's hair so that mom wouldn't have to be around a bunch of people during a very emotional time, but refused to let her pay for it. And as for me, I have a friend who is more like a sister who has called me or texted me almost every single day since I started feeling like my world was falling apart...and has not stopped now that I seem to have my act together. I am part of a LifeGroup with girls who have only known me for 4 months and have brought dinner to my parents whom they have never even met. I know that all of us have examples such as these that are infinite in number, but I am writing it down in order to challenge myself and maybe someone else dig deep and think, am I giving enough of myself right now? Is there someone that I know that is hurting and am I doing my part to let that person know I care and am willing to walk the line with them? There is nothing that will bring you to your knees like a time of personal tribulation, but I pray that one lesson that I have learned and that will not leave me is that I need to be in a constant state of showing others love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and the MAX!


  1. I love you, Mary! I'm so proud of you. You are a true encouragement and testimony in my life, and I thank God for you & your friendship.
    Praying for you & your family & especially your sweet mom during this time.

  2. Sweet, sweet Mary...
    I am praying for you and your family, as I cannot even imagine what y'all are going through. I didn't know the situation at all until about two weeks ago, and since then, we've been praying. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you guys.

    We love you and will continue to pray.